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Thursday, 17 November 2011


We've been through thick, thin, ups & downs for a year already.
Only God knows how happy I am to have him. 
First of all, thank you for changing, helping & guiding me to the right path. 
Second, thank you for loving, for taking care & accept me. 
Third, thank you for the sweet & sour times we had.
Fourth, thank you for the drinks, foods & money you provided.
Fifth, thank you for judging.
Sixth, thank you for scolding whenever I did something wrong & pisses you off.
Seventh, thank you for being mad when I let the ego control myself.
Eight, thank you for the priceless tears.
Ninth, thank you for driving me from one place to another every weekend.
Tenth, thank you for letting me sleep while you don't want me too.
Eleventh, thank you for watching movies with me.
Lastly, thank you for the good morning & night calls & texts.
May God blessed us both with joyfulness & happiness in life.
I love you Aidid

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